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House Bill 5 analysis: “House Bill 5 Arrives in Senate With Changes That Make It Even More Harmful” (updated 1/30)

House Bill 5 Fact Sheet (updated 1/30)

House Bill 5 section-by-section breakdown (updated 1/30)

Sign-on letter: More Than 100 Kentucky Groups Urge Lawmakers To Reject House Bill 5

@kypolicy House Bill 5 is harmful legislation that will increase hardship and incarceration in Ky. #kyga24 #kentucky #criminaljusticereform ♬ original sound - KyPolicy
@kypolicy An update on House Bill 5, a bill that would increase harm and incarceration in KY. #kentucky #incarceration #criminaljustice #kyga24 ♬ original sound - KyPolicy

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